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User Report 1
A combination of Pi Product cured my daughters skin beautifully
3- Year girl. Had severe Atopic Dermatitis.
Before After
My daughter had atopic dermatitis all over her body. I applied some ointment for her. But since it gets itchy, she had scratched her skin. I consulted with many doctors. They advised me not let her to take the shower too often since shower makes atopic worse.
But to take the shower is necessary, so I tried to use Bio Kyss Shower. After taking the Bio Kyss Shower, although she took more shower, her atopic dermatitis got much better. Not only Bio Kyss Shower, I started to use Skin Revitalizer and Pi Salt. I soaked her into water from Bio Kyss Shower, added half cup of Pi Salt. It worked very well. I sprayed her Skin Revitalizer when she had itch skin. A couple days starting Pi Porducts, it became little worse. I was advised it was the reaction before it gets better. It was right, after just a week, her atopic dermatitis got so much better. (Mother of 3 year old girl)

The Item Used
Skin Revitalizer Bio Kyss Shower Pi Salt
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User Report 2
Nov.19.2000   Dec.2.2000

Since a year ago, my atopic dermatitis had become very bad. I consulted 6 doctors, but nothing was helped. Also, I had to take stronger medicine, and it affected bad for my liver function. Therefore, I tried to use Pi Products (Bio Kyss Shower, Pi Seigen and Skin Revitalizer). Then, the next day started using Pi Produts, the atopic looked worse. However, I was advised it is the reaction before it would be better. So, I trusted and kept using. Then, after 2-3 days, it was getting better, and two weeks later, my skin was looked much nicer as you see in the picture. I was so surprised, too.

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