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Bobby Keen in Atlanta, GA
After using the Pi shower, I just felt " Recharged ."
There are a few things in this world that cost less than 37 cents and make you feel like a million bucks.

First off, I learned about Pi Water from my mother.  About every six months, she goes to a gift shop located in Jasper, Georgia.  Last year, she went to the store and was told some bad news.  The woman who ran the store had became ill; she was terribly worn out, had no energy, and was depressed.  My mother found out that the lady had been in this condition for three months.  My mother conducted her business, wished her well, and left.

Six months passed and my mother returned to the store again.  This time, she noticed that the lady had the color back in her face and a new bounce in her step.  The lady told my mother about Pi Water and how it just made her feel better.

I am not a health fanatic, nor do I take a multitude of vitamins or supplements.  But, I am very concerned about my health.  I want a high quality of life and want to feel and look great.  The Pi product line got my attention, so I decided to give a shot!

The Pi Shower is amazing!!  I was able to install the shower head in just five minutes.  The only tool needed was a pair of pliers.  Three days later, I could see and feel the difference this device was making.  It was incredible.  My dry and rough hands were smoother.  The irritated skin under my lower eye lids were no longer red and my skin felt great.  Even my hair changed for the better.  It is a lot softer and healthier.  After using the Pi Shower, I just felt “recharged.”  All this in 3 days!!  If you consider good health as an asset, make an investment in Pi Products.  There are a few things in this world that cost less than 37 cents a day and make you feel like a million bucks.

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Aatopic Dermatitis 1
Monitor Report on Three-year-old Boy
Reported By His Mother

3 year old boy
Before Use: He had  severe dry skin all over his body. Especially, his legs were very dry and red. Since it was was so itchy, he scratched himself and got cuts all over his body. He also had atopic dermatitis, so his hands and legs were always red and festered.

After Use: After using the Bio Kyss Shower for 3 days, the itching swelled down. After 2 weeks, most of the eczema was gone. I also realized that his cuts healed faster than before.
His hands and feet are all red and scratched due to severe itching.   His hands and feet got smoother and healthier.
After my son started using the Bio Kyss Shower for a month, the light eczema disappeared. Especially, his cheeks got remarkably better. His friends also noticed it and told him his skin condition became so much nicer and smoother.

In the past, since he was diagnosed as atopic dermatitis, I have tried to use various atopic products for him. Most of those worked quickly and his skin condition got better for the first month. However, after a month his eczema, atopic skin condition came back. None of those products ever worked for long periods. Unlike other products, Bio Kyss Shower made his skin condition better little by little for a long time. His skin did not get worse as much as it used to. Depending on the season of the year or condition of the body, it cannot help that atopic and allergies get better. After my son started using the Bio Kyss Shower, his atopic did not get as bad as it used to during the seasons. Last year, his Atopic got serious during November and March. At the time, he had to take steroids and some medications, but it was healed faster than usual. Tissues of his skin seemed to be changed.

Now after he used the Bio Kyss Shower for one year, the eczema on his ankle and toe disappeared completely. His skin looks much better. His palms still has red spots since he scratched himself. But the skin condition on his fingers looks healthier. He used to hate washing his hands, but he does not hate it anymore. It is also a good thing for me that he does not hate to take baths anymore. Bio Kyss Shower worked well not only for his atopic skin, but all over his body. His skin were like fish scales when he was born. After he used the Bio Kyss Shower, his overall skin got smoother and nicer. Also, Bio Kyss Shower had a good effect for my daughter who is a one year old. Her hair used to be hard, unmanageable, but after she started to take the Bio Kyss Shower, it became softer, smoother and easier to manage.

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Aatopic Dermatitis 2
Testimony of a 3 year old boy in Las Vegas who had Atopic Dermatitis

3 year old boy in Las Vegas

Before using Pi Products, he was taking steroids to supress the itching of his skin.
Right after he started using Pi Products, his skin condition got worse.
I was told that it was a turn reaction before it would get better. Bad toxins inside his body would come out first.  I was told by pharmacist, Mrs. Ota, at Pi Water, Inc.

Getting better little by little. His skin has redness.
One month after using Pi Water Products. He still has some eczema, but getting better.
Now, his skin got smoother and healthier.

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Aatopic Dermatitis 3
In 4 months, my 6 year boy's skin was changed.
The Item used
Bio Kyss Shower Rivitalizer Pi Salt
My son had a skin problem called atopic . It caused his earlobes to become very red. He scratched it and caused a cut, then he scratched it more. The condition of his skin got really  bad. His body, hands, and legs were red. As a mother, it was very hard to see him go through pain and I really felt sorry for him. At the time, I was in Japan, and I took him to a dermatologist there. I was afraid of the side effects of the steroids, so I chose a doctor who did not recommend steroids. I also tried natural health food and medicine, but nothing worked.

Last Year, I came back to the United States, then his skin eczema got even worse. My son loves going swimming, but he had to give up it because of his skin problem. I was desperate, and kept looking for something to make his skin better. One day, I saw an advertisement of Pi water. I called and asked about the products. I decided to use Pi Water products for my son. I purchased Pi Shower, Pi Salt, Pi Pocha, skin revitalizer. After one month of use, his skin condition got a lot better. In 2 months, the eczema disappeared. Now it has been 4 months, and he does not scratch his skin at all. His skin is normal now. And yes, he goes swimming all the time. My husband did not believe the effects of Pi Water products and was very surprised. My son is very happy. Pi Shower is really amazing. I  thank Pi Water products.

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In 4 days, there was a change.
M.G. Santa Ana
I have used regular shower filters before, so I did not expect much difference from changing regular shower filter to Pi Shower. But, after the fourth day, my allergies had stopped. My hair became shiny. The more showers I take, I noticed my skin and hair got healthier. I was so surprised at the difference from the regular shower filters. After my experience, I recommended Pi shower to my friends, co-workers. Now, they love Pi water as much as I do.
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Not only disorder after a surgery, my skin turned healthier.
Akane Saito (West Los Angeles)
The Item used
Bio Kyss Shower Rivitalizer Pi Salt
3 years ago, I had surgery . The surgery was minor, but I did not feel great after the surgery. I often got pain in my stomach. I tried many kinds of asian medicine, but nothing helped much. I was very stressed and the stress caused acne to form on my face. Around that time, my friend told me, "Why don't you think about curing your whole body, rather than treating one part?"

I wanted to cure only my stomach pain and did not think about improving my health. If I want to improve my heath, I must make a radical change in my eating habits. I would need to start from good water. I have read that 70% of body is made from water. So, I decided to improve the quality of water I drink.

My friends told me how good Pi Water is for our bodies. It hydrates our body cell better. It also  includes more oxygen. He told me that unlike  regular water filters, Pi Water processor purifies water and then energizes water and increase anti oxidation. So, I purchased Pi Water processor and used Pi Water not only for drinking and cooking purposes, but to wash my face every day. I totally changed my eating habits. I ate brown rice and tried to eat more vegetables. I used Pai Seigen and Pi Salt also.

Surprisingly, less than a month, my acne had disappeared. I had rough skin, but I noticed my skin turned softer and smoother. After that, the pain in my stomach got bette, and the scar from the surgery got better also.

I was so surprised that the stomach pain I suffered for 2 years cured in a couple months. But, what made me even more happier was, my rough skin type had changed. I have much smoother and softener skin now. It is very great for me as a woman. I noticed how water is important in our life. Now, Pi Water products are necessary for my family and I .

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