Dr. Paisei Gen Dr. Paisei Gen : $120/Box    10 ml (180 drops) x 5 bottles
1Box : 5 bottles 0.34 oz. : 10 ml

*1 bottle contains approximately 180 drops


IngredientsDeep Sea Water, Mineral Salt, Extract of Cordyseps,  Ginseng, Malt and Licorice, Magnesium Chloride, Calcium Carbonate, and Citric Acid.

 Dr.  Paisei Gen is a high energy extract which is put through the Bio System Control. It is made out of undiluted solution of Pi Water, mineral rich deep sea water and several botanical extracts which are good for health (Cordseps, Ginseng, Licorice, and Malt). Bio System Control activates the living energy and enhances the effectiveness of valuable elements in this living energy and therefore contributes to maintaining a balance between health and beauty in the body. All you have to do is add a few drops to whatever you are drinking to energize yourself.


Add a few drops into your drinking water, coffee, fruit juice, alcoholic drinks or any other beverages. Add a few more drops to tap water to reduce the undesirable taste and the affects caused by chlorine. You can also add it when you cook rice and any other dishes. Spray it on your plants and even add into your pet's water.

Daily Usage

For cooking

Rinse your vegetables and meat with Paisei Gen. Add water prior to cooking. This will reduce the bad smell and improve the taste.

After soaking it in Pi Water made with Paisei Gen, the meat should turn out nice and tender.
Soaking bananas for 30 minutes in Pi Water made with Paisei Gen means the astringent taste will disappear and you'll increase the sweetness.

For alcoholic drinks

Hard liquor will have a purer taste (top grade liquors have a small number of clusters).
This will reduce your hang over.

For gardening

Mix one drop of Pisei Gen and 500 ml of Pi Water from the Pi Water processor in a spray bottle. If you spray it on to your plants the leaves become vivid and healthier.

For pets

Pet odor will diminish significantly by adding a few drops of Paisei Gen to your pets' drinking water or food. More effective when used with Pi Water from a Pi Water processor.

For house work

The odor of rooms will go away by spraying a mixture of 1 drop of Paisei Gen added to 500 ml of Pi Water from the Pi Water processor.