AP 560
AP 560 Counter Type Model
Suppress Free Radicals
Powerful Pi Water Processor

Just $0.50~$1.50 a day brings you healthy mineral water at your home easily. There is no need to carry heavy bottles of water anymore.

Pi Water Processor purifies water and then converts water to Energized Structured Water called Pi Water. Pi Water hydrates the cells better, has a minus ion effect and provides more oxygen. Another great thing about Pi Water is that it enhances the function of Homeostasis (Living Energy). As you see the mysterious phenomenon of Pi Water, saltwater fish and coarse fish can live in the same container with Pi Water. Gold fish can survive a long time in a sealed container. These phenomenon's are hard to prove scientifically. However, many people recognize the benefits of Pi Water and use of Pi Water system.

Pi Water increases the immunity and hydrates the cells. Pi Water enhances the taste of food by bringing out the true taste of the ingredient. Pi Water Processor provides you healthy and fresh water.

First part: A purifying function that takes out harmful toxins such as chlorine and heavy metals, while preserving useful minerals.

Step 1: Utilize sediment (10 filter) to remove particle impurities.

Step 2: Using Pi System K.D.F55 to dissolve harmful chorine and to remove heavy metal like lead.

Step 3: Utilize coconut shell active carbon to make water taste better by removing any remaining chlorine and odor.

Step 4: Again, utilize sediment (10 ) to remove impurities.

Second part: Pi Process function that converts purified water to Pi Water.

Step 5: Applies sediment (5 ) to screen impurities.

Step 6: Utilize coconut shell active carbon to ensure good taste and high quality water.

Step 7: Utilize Pi System 3M ceramics to convert water into smaller cluster numbers and convey Pi information to possess anti-oxidation.

Step 8: Using Pi Processed ceramics to enhance Step 7 effect and supply minerals.

Step 9: With Pi Processed Tourmalines, enable water to become minus-ion nature that makes water even more evolved.

Step 10: As the  final Pi Process, using Pi processed crystal ceramics to induce far infrared ray effect.

Step 11: Utilize sediment (5 ) to screen out residuals and make the best condition water to drink.

Unit Price: $580. Size W 8.26hxH 12.2hxD 3.94 inch

Replacement Filter: $295.

Filter Life Span: 7,000 gallons

Filter Replacement: 12-18 months

Optimum Flow Rate: 1.0 gallon/min

The Max Flow Rate: 1.8 gallon/min

Human Test Proof!!

Neurophysiologist in Germany proved that Pi Water from AP550 Pi Water processor activates brain cells.

Dr. Elmar Weiler indicated that the consumption of pi water leads to both a state of increased relaxation and increased mental alertness.

Recommended to people who:
wants to have a healthy life
wishes their family to stay healthy
worries about chlorine and water pollution in the tap water
has skin problems and want to have beautiful skin