10 fl. oz. $ 12.60
Bio Kyss Energizing Shampoo

One of the active ingredients in Shampoo I cleans pores from deep down; strengths hair resistance; penetrates into each cell; tightens cuticles; restores damaged hair; and provides firm and tension to the hair. Follow with Bio-Kyss Hair Conditioner. It transforms tensed hair into more flexible and manageable hair.

10 fl. oz.  $ 13.60
Bio Kyss Conditioner


Bio-Kyss Hair Conditioner with Vitamin E provides an outstanding moisturizing effect to your hair. It prevents split end and broken hair by providing necessary moisture to your hair. Your hair will become silky smooth with beautiful luster, and easier to manage without getting entangled. Use after Shampoo I or Shampoo II.

10 fl. oz
$ 14.60
Bio Kyss Charcoal Shampoo

One of the causes you have unhealthy and thinning hair is that between hair roots and pores are filled with dust and dirt such as subcutaneous fat. Charcoal in Shampoo II, which possesses minus ion, absorbs and eliminates plus ion in the dirt. It is also effective against dandruff. For the best result, shampoo and rinse once, shampoo again, and wait for a few minutes before rinsing. Follow with Bio-Kyss Hair Conditioner.

4  fl. oz
$ 9.60
Bio Kyss Hot Oil Treatment

It provides nourishment and moisture to damaged hair. After shampooing with Shampoo I or Shampoo II, apply evenly throughout the hair. Leave on for 1~5 minutes, with a shower cap on. Rinse completely. For the very best result, follow with Bio-Kyss Hair Conditioner. Your hair will become silkier, smoother, and easier to manage. Use Hot Oil Treatment at least once a week for the best result.