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Hair Make Up Artist <Shino Nagai>
Skin Revitalizer works really nice and quick. And It also helps my job.
Shino Nagai
The Item She uses
Skin Revitalizer Bio Kyss Shower

It has been almost two years since I started using the Pi Water Products. Right after I used it, I was fond of it. And I thought it would be good, not only for my personal use, but also for my work as a hair make up artist. Now, Pi Water Products are the important tool for my job!!

Let me share with you some of my experiences. Last year, young Japanese stars came to Las Vegas for a photo shoot. I took charge of their hair and make up. I had a hard time with it. They were in Hawaii before Las Vegas, so their skin was sun burned. And also due to the heat and dry weather in Las Vegas, their skin conditions were so bad. Without any glow and severely dried skin, the make up was not able to apply as well. I was so worried how I was going to put make up on them with such bad conditions.

Then, I remembered about skin revitalizer. I gave the skin revitalizer to them and asked them to spray it on their face until the photo shooting day. Then, they loved the product and asked me to give them more. Because of the skin revitalizer, their skin condition improved by the shooting day and was able to apply make up on them really well. I knew the effectiveness of it, but this time it worked more than I have expected.

Another favorite product of mine is the Bio Kyss Shower. I really recommend this, especially for people who want to look beautiful. In order to put on good make up, you first  need to have beautiful skin. Shower from tap water damages your skin and hair because of the chlorine. Bio Kyss Shower removes all harmful substances in the tap water. Not only that, but it enhances the living energy and makes your skin moisturized and healthier hair.

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Fitness Instructor / Body Creator <Jenny Tate>
Pi Water +Pi Seigen => Better metabolism and exercise more effectively
Jenny Tate
The Item She uses
Pi Seigen AP550

Many of you might be doing all kinds of exercise such as jogging, walking, weight lifting etc. Whatever exercise you do, all of you may have the same goal which is to be healthy or to have a nicer body. To those health conscious people, I would like to recommend Pi Water and Pi Seigen.

One day before I taught my class, I took 2-3 drops of Pi Seigen. My body was ready to start the main exercise faster than normal days. Since then, I have been taking water added Pi Seigen for every class. I feel the difference not only for the amount of sweats, but also I feel my cardiovascular exercise is more productive compare with the days I did not take Pi Seigen.
My clients also tried the Pi Seigen. All of them felt the same differences with me.
I personally really recommend taking Pi-Water added Pi Seigen during the exercise.

Los Angeles is one of the top places in the world for Fitness and beauty. Lots of professional people for fitness and beauty come to this city from all over the world. Not only people, lots of products are sent to this city. Only 'Real" things can survive in this high competition market. Pi Seigen and other Pi Water Products are top class level for the efficiency and credibility. I believe everybody will know it once they try it.

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