Slime Fine

1 package has only 125 kcal
To lose weights, to have healthy diets,
You can count on Slim Fine!!

Nowadays, many of us dreams for an ideal body. But, by now, we may know that diet without eating or with pill harm your health or even make your body gain even more weights. To lose weights in healthy way require three things, good nutrition, good water and good exercises!! Slim Fine has only 125kcal but provides you plenty of nutrition.

=>What is Slim Fine?

Dr. Pi Slim Fine is made instantly freeze and dried process to keep natural nutrient at utmost. You can take a bag(40g)instead of a meal. It provides you plenty of nutrients since the energy efficiency is 6 times more compare with regular meal. It is good for diet because of the low calorie 125.72 kcal for a bag. Besides, metabolism will be better because of the water you take with. It is recommended to all, regardless of age, or sex, who are healthy conscience, not particularly for those who are diet minded.


=>What are the Ingredients of Slim Fine? Are they natural?

Slim fine contains of 33 kinds of well selected healthy and natural food.

Brown Rice, Alpha/Whole/Malt Brown Rice, Brown Sweet Rice

Good source of high contains of vitamins, Minerals and dietary fibers, so we may call brown rice as gPerfect foodh. Comparing with processed white rice, it has 4 times more VitaminB1 and E, 3 times more dietary fibers. Besides, it also has Protein, Folic Acid, Niacin, Iron, and Magnesium; These elements may have good benefit to beriberi, constipation, mental healing ad slow-down aging.

Perl/Malt Wheat, Barley, Millet, Chestnut, Sweet Chestnut

The treasury dietary fiber of wheat and barley is 5 times more than sweet potato which is well known for fiber richness, 4 times more Calcium and 2 times more Iron than white rice. Pearl wheat may improve metabolism because it has more balanced protein(or Amino Acid) than other grains, also high contains of calcium, potassium can be function with together sodium and have optimum body level.

Mugwort, Mushroom, Cinnamon, Green Tea

Mugwort is a traditional Chinese herb, to use for either as food or as medicine. It is considered to be good for intestinal disorder, constipation, blood purification and cough because its richness of Minerals and Vitamins. Mushroom has high contain of chitin and Beta-Grumman which become famous because of gAgarisukuh contain. The high Carotene, Catkins and Vitamins contain in Green Tea is considered having good effective for prevention of life custom disease.

Soybean, Black Soy, Black Sesame

The high protein contained soybean is called gmeat of fieldh, this is in the balanced form of Amino acid which our body can not produce and rely on the source from foods. Its difference from meat protein is that more than half of its fat is Linolic acid which may help to reduce the cholesterol in blood. Besides, it has rather good effects to fatigue recovering and constipation prevention. Black sesame has high nutrition and protein. Special element called Sesame-lignin may work to get rid of free radicals which cause disease and aging.

Kale, Cabbage, Carrot, Broccoli, Corn

These are orange and/or green color vegetables with high nutrients, abundant in Vitamin C, Vitamin A (from Beta carotene) and calcium. They are known to enhance immunity function, to benefit to arteriosclerosis and high blood pressure.

Fine-Fiber, Dextrin

Fine fiber from potato starch derivatives, it is very beneficially to digestive system to the harmony and smoothness, together with good bacteria and Lactic Acid. Also it is expected to have effect of normalizing cholesterol blood, blood pressure, intestinal disorder and preventing diabetes.

Various Seaweed, Spirulina, Shitake-Konbu, Wakame & Nori

This seaweed group provides as good source for our body required Minerals and Vitamins in balance form. It is considered to enhance the immune system and blood purification.


It is a sort of fine fiber, a derivative of Konniaku-imo, considered to have effectiveness, such as improving cholesterol level, suppress sugar contain in blood, even controlling hypertension by recent study.


Apple is very good source of Pectin, Potassium and apple-acid. Its pectin contain is double of that from orange. Pectin can work to smooth digestive system.

Other Ingredients

Guagum, Chitosan, Argnic acid and sodium, Lactic acid and calcium, V-A, V-B1, V-B2, V-B6, V-C, V-E, Niacin, Hem Iron, Folic acid.

=>How to take Slim Fine.

1package has 40g(1.4oz), 125kcal. Dissolve with water and replace with one of your regular meal. If you tend to skip breakfast, I recommend taking Slim Fine. It helps a bowel movement, too. Because of plenty grain, beans and water you take, it satisfy you although it has low calorie.

The basic way to take is to dissolve with 300~400cc water. You can also dissolve with milk, soy milk, juice, or yogurts. If you add honey, it will be a little sweets, too.