Company Profile
Pi Water. Inc   Bio Energy & Research Development

  Pi Water, Inc. was established in the United States in 1993. After long years of studying and researching in Japan, we brought the principle and the system of Pi Water to the United States. In order to let the consumer have a better understanding of what Pi Water is and the major difference between the Dr. π Pi Water Processors and other water purifiers, we had conducted numerous seminars by inviting medical doctors from Japan. Now,  Pi Water became well known and used among many people. We believe that it became well known by word of mouth from our costumers.

  Good Water is the basic element of good tasty food. Pi Water brings out the true taste of its ingredients and keeps food fresh. Therefore, many restaurants installed Dr. π Pi Water Processor. Not only restaurants, cafes and homes use Dr. π Pi Water Processor, but many fields such as medical, agricultural and beauty industries use it also.

  Our goal is to pursue good things for the body and contribute health and beauty to our costumers. Pi Water is energized water. Therefore, it gives you health benefits by enhancing your basal metabolism and immune system.