Fact: About 70% of your body is comprised of water.
So you cannot overlook the water quality you use every day.
Most people know the importance of water. Approximately 70% of your body weight is water. The amount and quality of water in the body determines how young and beautiful you look.

"Dr. Pi" is denomination of Pi energy, which enhances living energy
with applications of using water power. The theory of Dr. Pi is to improve the function of Homeostasis, which all human, animal and plants have. In other words, Dr. Pi helps to improve and maintain healthy bodies.
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About Dr. Pi-Water
Experience the ultimate pure water that makes a big difference in your life!
Increases immunity
Effective against dermatitis
Enhances body's healing capacity
Revitalizes damaged hair and dry skin
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This Nutrient-rich clay mask brings a variety of benefits to your skin!
Draws out impurities
Unclogs pores
Revitalizes the radiance
Smoothes the skin
Increases skin firmness
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Bio Kyss Shower

Removes harmful chlorine and Tri-Halo-Methane.
Changes tap water into a more clean water. This shower head can bring you a lot of benefits. More than you can imagine.
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Pharmaceutical Chemist

Mitsuko Ota

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