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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is it easy to install the Dr. Pi Shower? Is it compatible with any shower head?
   The size of the shower pipe is a standardized size, 1/2 inch in USA. It is very easy to install. If your shower is not the USA standard size, you can buy an adaptor ($8~$15) at any home center. If you want to use it in Japan, we sell Japanese adaptors ($10) also. If you still are not able to install it, you can return it in a month as long as if it has not been used and is in the original condition.

Q2. What is the difference between the Dr. Pi Shower and other company shower heads?
  The biggest difference is that Pi Water processor converts water to healthy water, Pi Water.

Q3. What is Pi Water?
  Pi Water is the water that is very similar to your body water. Our body water contains a very small amount of Ferric Ferrous Salt (Fe2Fe3). Pi Water is created by utilizing the Ferric Ferrous Salt. The water cluster of Pi Water is very small, so it hydrates our cells better. For more detail, please check out "about Pi Water" on this site.

Q4. I am losing hair these days. Does Pi Water or Pi Shower help hair loss?
   There are many causes for hair loss. Sometimes the cause of hair loss is due to dirt and oily pores. In this case, Pi Water from Bio Kyss Shower cleans out your pores better and helps retain your hair (refer the pictures).

Q5. How long can I store Pi Seigen ?

   If you keep it in a cool place with no exposure to sunlight, it can be kept for a couple years. We recommend using it in a couple months during summer. One bottle has 180 drops. If you use it constantly, it will last a couple months.

Q6. Does drinking Pi Water make me healthy?
   The amount of water in our body is 70%. More than half of our body weight is water. The better the quality of water, the more healthier you are. If you start to drink good quality of water from today, in a month, most of your body water will be in good quality. On the other hand, if you start to drink bad quality of water form today, in a month, your body water will have the worst quality. So, we believe drinking good water like Pi Water, make our body healthier.  It takes one minute for water to reach your brain. The role of water is very important in our lives.

Q7. Is it ok to drink Pi Water or Pi Seigen if I am pregnant or if I want to feed it to my baby?
  Pi Water has a very similar characteristic with our body water and also amniotic fluid, which is a nursing water for the baby. It is actually good for your baby to drink Pi Water because it is important to drink good quality of water during pregnancy.

Q8. Do you accept returns?
   Usually, if the product is not used, you can return it in a month in the original condition (for food products we do not accept returns for safety purposes).
Q9. Does the water pressure decrease when using the Dr. Pi Water Processor and the Dr. Pi Shower?  
  It may be lowered a little bit. Actually, if water pressure does not get low at all, you might need to worry.  That means that the chlorine and other heavy metals in the water might not be eliminated in the filters. Water pressure is lowered by about 10%.

 " There are many water purifiers in the market. Some of them have good purification systems and some do not purify your tap water well. So, please be aware when you choose your water purifier!"