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Healthy Foods
Pi Seigen---"High-Energy Pi Water"
One drop in a (8 oz.) bottled or purified water.
Add a few more drops to tap water to reduce the undesirable taste and the affects caused by chlorine.
For food, Rinse your vegetables and meat with Pi Seigen and added water prior to cooking. It will reduce the bad smell and will stay fresh longer.
$ 120/box
Pi Salt
It is commonly said that too much "Salt" is not good for our health. If a large amount of NaCl ( Sodium Chloride) is taken as "Salt", the balance of our body water would be destroyed.
1 kg / pack $ 9.50
Slim Fine
Great Healthy Diet Food for people who wants to lose weight.
1 bag has only 125 kcal, but provides you plenty of your nutrition.
Good as a diet and nutrient supplement.

30 bags (40g, {0.89 lb}) / box $ 98.00
Toiletries Products
Pure Cure Body Lotion
Pure Cure Body Lotion will protect your skin from dry air and keep your skin soft and moist. It works for skin problems such as dry skin, eczema and so on.
20 ml (8 fl. oz.) $ 8.60
Pure Cure Body Shampoo
Pure Cure Body Shampoo is made with Pi Water and is very gentle to your skin. It keeps your skin clean, smooth and moist.
352 ml (12 fl. oz.) $ 9.60
Bio Kyss Energizing Shampoo
Bio Kyss Energizing Shampoo gives the hair strength, resistance, tightens the cuticles and restore damaged hair while cleaning the pores from deep down. Follow with Bio Kyss Conditioner.
(10 fl. oz.) $ 12.60
Bio Kyss Conditioner
Bio-Kyss Hair Conditioner with Vitamin E provides an outstanding moisturizing effect on your hair. It prevents split end and damaged hairs by providing moisture to your hair. Your hair will become silky smooth with beautiful luster. You would be able to better manage your hair without getting tangled. Use after Shampoo I or Shampoo II.
(10 fl. oz.) $ 13.60
Bio Kyss Charcoal Shampoo
One of the causes of  having unhealthy and thinning hair is due to dust and dirt in the roots and pores of your hair. Charcoal in Shampoo II, which possesses minus ion, absorbs and eliminates plus ion in the dirt. It is also effective against dandruff. For the best result, shampoo and rinse once, shampoo again, and wait for a few minutes before rinsing. Follow with Bio-Kyss Hair Conditioner.
(10 fl .oz.) $ 14.60
Bio Kyss Hot Oil Treatment
It provides nourishment and moisture to damaged hair. After shampooing with Shampoo I or Shampoo II, apply evenly throughout the hair. Leave it in for 1 to 5 minutes, with a shower cap on. Rinse completely. For the very best result, follow with Bio-Kyss Hair Conditioner. Your hair will become silkier, smoother, and easier to manage. Use Hot Oil Treatment at least once a week for the best result.
(10 fl. oz.) $ 9.60
Bio Kyss Skin Revitalizer
Spray the specially formulated "Pi Water" for your face and skin. It makes your skin smooth and refreshed. Does not contain any chemicals. Works for all skin types and helps regenerate the function of your skin.
10 ml (4 fl. oz.) $ 9.60
Bio Kyss Hair Revitalizer
Moisturizes and repairs damaged hair and also works as anti-electrostatic. Spray it in the morning and your hair will be protected by Ultra Violet light and heat from blow drying. It keeps your hair looking healthy and shiny. Does not contain any chemicals. Works well for all hair types.
10 ml (4 fl. oz.) $ 9.60
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