It is commonly said that too much "Salt" is not good for your health. If too much NaCl (Sodium Chloride) is taken as "Salt", it will destroy your body's water balance.

However, mineral balanced natural salt can be taken without causing any problems to your body.

Pi Salt, which is Pi processed and mineral balanced natural salt, is highly recommended for your health.

$9.50 (28.16 oz. / 600 g)

Pi processed Natural Salt

The mineral balance of natural salt is maximized by being Pi processed. The body water of the human body system consists of two fluids - intracellular fluid and extracellular fluid, and they are separated by a cell membrane. Osmotic pressure plays a significant difference in the movement of substances between the two fluids, and an unbalance of these fluids can affect our daily lives and causes most of the illnesses in our bodies. Mineral balanced Pi Salt is the most effective way to regulate the balance of the two body fluids.

Mild taste of Pi Salt with plenty of natural minerals enhances the food you make.
When boiling vegetables : Add a pinch of Pi Salt to the water. They'll come out nice & bright in color and will be cooked in a much shorter time.
For pickling vegetables : They will come out mildly seasoned and keep a fresh & bright color for a long time.
For broiling fish and steaks : Lightly sprinkle in the Pi Salt.
For bathing : Add 1/3 cup of Pi Salt to a bath tab full water, and enjoy total relaxation. Especially effective in treating atopic dermetitis.
For body massages : Mix proper amount of warm water with Pi Salt to make a paste like form. Massage all over your body with the mixture, especially your elbows and heels to rub off keratin. Add the mixture to any liquid body soap to use in shower and bath everyday. Your skin will become nice and smooth.
For facial cleansing : Lightly massage with Pi Salt when washing your face. It will leave your skin fresh and supple Recommended especially for people with acne problems.
For brushing teeth : Massage your gums with Pi Salt alone or mix it with your tooth paste.
For laundry : Add 1 to 2 tablespoons of Pi Salt into one load of washing. Clothes will come out whiter and brighter.