For Daily, Beauty
Pi Water Acts in Harmony with our Body.
High-quality water is essential to produce high-quality cosmetics.

Dr.π Clay Mask (Detox and Deep Cleanse)

It revitalizes your complexion leaving you with a more youthful look.

No addcitives, No Fragrances

10oz/283g (Good for 50 facial applications)

Dr.π Mega Paisei Gen

Health drink that provides energy to our body at anywhere and anytime.  Mineral rich deep sea water blended with botanical extracts.
 180 drops in one vial. Come with 5 vials

Dr.π Pi Salt

Pi energy was added to natural sea salt to create a mineral salt that is good for your health. Provide necessary salt for your body without destroying the balance of bodily fluid.


Dr.π Slim Fine Nourishing Food

Contains over 33 natural ingredients which is freeze dried.  Maintains good health by high rate of nutrient absorption.

1.4 oz (40g) x 30 bags

PC Body and Face Shampoo

 Utilizing Pi Water system, this uniquely formulated Bod Shampoo removes old keratose to bring back clean and softe and radiant skin.

PC Body and Face Lotion

 It provides necessary moiture to the skin and accelerates activation of the skin cells. Great moistulizer for both body and face.

Bio Kyss・Pure Cure Hair Shampoo

 The effective ingredients in the shampoo deeply cleanse hair down at the roots. It also repairs damaged hair restoring its natural beauty.

Bio Kyss・Pure Cure Hot Oil Treatment

 Provides nourirshment and necessar moisture to damaged air, and brings beauty and vitalizty back to lifeless hair.

Bio Kyss・Pure Cure Conditioner

Combined with Vitamin E and Pi Water, this hair conditioners is a super moisturizing treatment.

Bio Kyss・Pure Cure Charcoal Shampoo

 This shampoo throughly removes dirt grown between hair roots and pores by utilizing the negative ions from charcoal in Japanese cypress. It is effective on dandruff, works to prevent hair loss, and work to maintain colors in chemically treated hair.