Function of Pi Water
Mysterious Phenomenon
Great Function of Pi Water
 1. Better Hydration

 Pi Water is absorbs faster and effectively because the water cluster of Pi Water is very small.  Water has important roles to provide cell oxygen, nutrients and also to flush out the toxins and waste products. Hydrated cell makes your blood circulation and body function better. 

 2. Include more oxygen

 Oxygen is necessary by body's cell and is also essential for optimal brain and organ function. Pi Water includes more oxygen and when it is absorbed by your body, it carries more oxygen to your blood and provides more oxygen to your cells more than other water. This way, your cells are more active and have a better metabolism.

 3. Pi Water has Anti-Oxidation Effects

 Things decay, like an apple rots or a nail rusts. The same thing happens in our body. One of the causes of our body aging is due to oxidation of our body systems. Anti-Oxidation Effects suppress the increase of excessive free radical, (Oxygen peroxide), and keep your body from oxidation attack. Strengthening Anti-Oxidation power slows the aging process of our cells and keep the body healthier. 

 4. Minus Ion Effect

 Pi Water also has a minus ion effect. Minus ion helps suppress free radicals. It also balances the pH level of blood as low as alkaline, the autonomic nerves and the function of internal secretion.

 5. Structure of the Pi Water molecule

 A research at UCLA facility shows that Pi Water is one of the greatest structured water.

 According to the research at the University of Georgia. It has shown that diseased cells are always surrounded by unstructured water. And healthy cells are always surrounded by structured water. "Structured water" has high solubility for the body's mineral. Therefore, minerals, trace minerals and vitamins, which are combined with structured water tend to go from digestive tract and bloodstream  into the tissues.

 6. Pi Water eliminates negative substances in a body system and increases immunity and possesses self-healing power which all human, animal and plants have

Water from Pi Water Processor meets all requirements of healthy water.


 There are many kinds of Pi Water

The name, Pi Water is well known, but what we also need to know is that there are many kinds of Pi Water. It is important that we adjust Pi Water's level depending on how we use Pi Water. To make Pi Water, a little amount of Ferric Ferrous Salt (Fe2Fe3) is added. The amount of Fe2Fe3 is a spoon full.  If the amount is different, Pi Water will not work well. Depending on how we use Pi Water, the level of Pi Water will be changed. 

 The other thing we need to be careful is to use a good quality of water to make Pi Water. Nowadays, tap water includes a lot of chlorine. If we make Pi Water using tap water, the level of Pi Water will be low because of the chlorine and other bad substances in tap water. To use good quality of water, it is important to convert water to Pi Water. That is why our Pi Water Processor has 2 major functions. One is to purify the water and then convert it to Pi Water. 


Mysterious Phenomenon

Crystal of salt
Usually the structure of a salt crystal is square shaped. However, when salt is dissolved in high energy Pi Water and then evaporated, the salt crystal becomes pyramid shaped.

Surviving goldfish
A container is filled with 3 liters of water. Then a goldfish is placed inside the container and seals the container. How long can the goldfish survive without food or air? The amount of oxygen in a 15 degree Celsius water is 200 cc. The amount of oxygen a goldfish needs in one hour is 5.8 cc. 200 cc 5.8 cc=34.48.  The goldfish will die in a day and half. However, when placed in high energy Pi Water, the goldfish lived 5 to 7 months.

Saltwater fish and coarse fish are placed in the same container
When salt
water fish is put in fresh water and coarse fish is put in sea water, the fishes will die in one hour. But, when placed in a high energy Pi Water, both saltwater fish and coarse fish can survive and live together.

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