What is Pi Water?
How was Pi Water Discovered?
Basic Principle of Pi Water
Mysterious Phenomenon
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ˁ@What is Pi Water?

Pi Water is the water that is very similar to your body water (Living Energy). Living energy means gthe energy to live.h Do you know anyone who rarely gets sick or recover quickly when they get hurt? These people have strong living energy. Pi Water has the same function (energy) that your body water has.

Pi Water was discovered in 1964 during the study of physiology of plants by Dr. Akihiro Yamashita, a professor at the Agricultural Department, Nagoya University. He was studying about FLORIGEN. What makes the bud become a flower? Researchers thought it might be related with hormones. They had named the phenomenon FLORIGEN and studied it.

During the study, Dr. Yamashita discovered gbody water,h which affects the difference of the bud change instead of hormones. He also discovered that the body water contains a very small amount of Ferric Ferrous Salt (Fe2Fe3) and the water has the function to control our body function normally. After that, through many studies and research, Dr. Yamashita succeeded to make the water that has the same function with your body water artificially and named it Pi Water.

Pi Water is known as the water that enhances living energy.  It is well known especially in Japan. According to the book, gOrigin and Future of Science,h Pi Water enhances energy in the body, improves the condition of incurable and chronic diseases, grows plants faster and healthier, and keeps food fresh longer.

Nowadays, Pi Water is applied not only in the medical field, but also applied to agriculture, marine products, chemical and beauty industries.

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ˁ@How was Pi Water Discovered?

Pi Water was created through the study of botanical physiology.

In 1964, Dr. Akihiro Yamashita introduced the theory that a very small amount of Ferric Ferrous Salt (Fe2Fe3) in living water plays a role of conducting and carries life's information to every corner of the cell. Dr. Yamashita, an agricultural scholar, devoted himself to studying about  "Florigen", the hormone related to the separation of flower buds. Some plants grow in the spring. This is called the separation of flower buds. Many scholars studying about this phenomenon considered that there is a hormone within plants that turns the buds into flowers. They named this hormone "florigen."

Ferric Ferrous Salt (Fe2Fe3) in bodily liquid (Living Energyr) is the key.

Dr. Yamashita discovered during the process of his study that what plays an important role in the flower bud separation is not any hormone, but the living water itself contained in the plants. Furthermore, he discovered that the living water possesses information which controls various functions of living bodies, and that the key element is a very small amount of Ferric Ferrous Salt (Fe2Fe3). Later, Dr. Yamashita succeeded to create the water that is very similar to living water by inducing a very small amount of ferric ferrous ion, and in 1985, he named this kind of water " Pi Water".

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ˁ@Basic Principle of Pi-Water

Pi Water is compounded with Fe2Fe3, which is effective when its quality becomes very small (2 x 10^-12 mol).* At this level, Fe2Fe3 is an elementary particle, such as an electron, a proton and a neutron, and it works like a conductor of a medium to transmit energy and information to other substances. The following is the assumption of Pi Water principles at the present time:
Generation cycle of electron energy.
Substance generally consists of a group of molecules and a molecule is a group of atoms. An atom consists of atomic nuclei and electrons, and an atomic nucleus consists of protons and neutrons. The electrons circle, while spinning, around an atomic nucleus on a certain orbit. When the atom receives undulation of cosmic energy, the electrons start to spin faster and circle on farther than the usual orbit, causing the electrons to have high energy called, "erected state".** However, the electrons cannot keep their erected state/high energy condition for too long, and they tries to get back to the usual orbit. In Pi Water, we believe that such energy creating cycles by the electrons are happening, and that the transmission of energy and information is very actively taking place.
Work of Pi Meson.
As elementary particle physics has progressed in recent years, existence of "meson" was discovered, which interacts strongly to the elementary particles, such as protons and neutrons. One of the mesons is Pi meson.
There are three kinds of pi meson. A positive electric charge, a negative electric charge and no electric charge. Both the positive and the negative pi mesons work vigorously on the protons and the neutrons, and the result is that the protons change to the neutrons and the neutrons change to the protons.
These cause changes in the electrical as well as in energy levels of substances that affect the appearance of the substances. It is believed that in the process of the above changes, the positive and negative pi mesons transmit energy and various information.
Pi combination of molecules.
Molecules combined in various shapes compose various substances. Pi combination of the molecules is the combination in low energy level condition structured by pi electrons. In pi combination of molecules, exchange of electrons among the atoms is very active, and the electric characteristics and the energy conditions are changing very frequently, thus changes of characteristics of various substances are affected.
Fe2Fe3 enhances the transmission of energy and information
It is said that Fe2Fe3 in pi water participates in the energy creation cycle of electrons to activate transmission of energy and information along with the effect of pi meson and pi combination, thus it affects in changing characteristics of various substances. It is also said that the energy in pi water is created by 1) work of electrons and 2) the elementary particles from cosmic. Although it might be correct to assume that the 2 x 10^-12 mol.* of Fe2Fe3 possesses the transmission function of the function of being a conductor of transmission for information of living body, there still remains a lot of phenomena that is not elucidated due to the limited measuring instruments available at the present time. We simply have to rely on the development of elementary particle physics, biology and chemistry to clarify most part of the principles of pi water system.
*[Note] Mol.
The base unit of concentration of solution. 1 mole = the quantity of substance in one (1) liter of solution corresponds to the quantity of its molecule or molecular formula measured in grams.
"Erected State/High Energy Condition" In the field of quantum mechanics, it is the condition of atoms, molecules, electrons in solid body, atomic nuclei or elementary particles which is in high energy level after absorbing heat, light or radiation.
Nucleuses and/or molecules in erected state often emit light and form the foundation. Atomic nucleus emits alpha and beta rays, and may radiate neutrons.

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ˁ@Mysterious Phenomenon

Crystal of salt

, the structure of a salt crystal is square shaped. However, when salt is dissolved in high energy Pi Water and then evaporated, the salt crystal becomes pyramid shaped.

Surviving goldfish

A container is filled with 3 liters of water. Then a goldfish is placed inside the container and seal
it. How long can the goldfish survive without food or air? The amount of oxygen in a 15 degree Celsius water is 200 cc. The amount of oxygen a goldfish needs in one hour is 5.8 cc. 200 cc 5.8 cc=34.48.  The goldfish will die in a day and half. However, when placed in high energy Pi Water, the goldfish lived 5 to 7 months.

Saltwater fish and coarse fish are placed in the same container

When salt
water fish is put in fresh water and coarse fish is put in sea water, the fishes will die in one hour. But, when placed in a high energy Pi Water, both saltwater fish and coarse fish can survive and live together.
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