Benefits of Dr. Pi Clay Mask
Basic Usage
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Benefits of Dr. Pi Clay Mask
>>Tightening Effect

Tightens up the skin. Prevents acne and blackheads from forming.
Draws out impurities and minimizes the pore size.

>>Whitening Effect

Draws out impurities and lightens the skin tone.

>>Anti Aging Effect

Because of the minus electron effect, Dr. Pi Clay Mask keeps the skin clean.
Improves blood circulation and production of skin cells. Controls the condition of the skin.

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Basic Usage
How to use Dr. Pi Clay Mask

1. Prepare a small amount of Pi Water or purified water into a small bowl
(avoid metal bowls or utensils)

2. Add some Dr. Pi Clay Mask into the bowl and mix well until it
turns into a  smooth paste (the suggested ratio of water and clay is 2:1).
Add more clay or water if necessary.

3. Apply an even layer of clay pack on the face and let dry (15 to 20 minutes).
Avoid the contact with eyes and lips area.

4. Rinse off the clay pack with warm water (a slight redness may appear after removing the clay and this should disappear in a few minutes. This is normal since the clay pack lets the blood circulation run better).

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