For Drinking

With a glass of Pi Water first thing in the morning, my healthy "non-coagulated blood" life starts!!!


AP560  Kitchen Counter Top Pi Water Processor                    

 AP560 Pi Water processor purifies tap water by eliminating harmful substances and convert tap water to a mineral water comprised of energized small clusters.

Counter Top model is easy to install to your faucet and can change tap water and Pi Water easily using a switch valve.                         

Filter life span; 1 year and half   6500 gallon

AP550  Kitchen Under the sink Pi Water Processor        

AP550 Pi Water Processor is connected to the cold water valve under the sink directly. Without taking any space at kitchen counter, you can enjoy Pi Water.

Filter life span; 1 year             6500 gallon

AP250 Small type of Counter top Pi Water Processor

AP250 is good to install by sink or in lavatory.

Suitable for single person who does not cook.

Filter life span; 1 year             3000 gallon

AP620 Under the sink model for Restaurant

Simply connect AP620 to the water supply pipe in cooking are of restaurant.

Filter life span; 1 year              40,000 gallon                     W50xD22xH42cm

AP3000 Entire House and Industry Type

 Home; Pi Water is avaiable throught an entire house, the kitchen, bathrooms, for luandry.

Restaurant; Cooking material stays fresh longer and customers are able to enjoy true flavors of foods and great quality of drinking water.

Filter life span;  5 - 7 years (Home)         500,000 gallon (Restaurant)   

AP560 Replacement Filter

AP560  Replacement filter for AP560 Counter top model

Filter life span; 1 year and half   6500 gallon

AP550 Replacement Filter

AP550  Replacement Filter for AP550 Under the sink model

Filter life span; 1 year             6500 gallon

AP250 Replacement Filter

AP250  Replacement Filter for AP250 Counter Top Model

Filter life span; 1 year             3000 gallon

AP620 Replacement Filter

Replacement fitler for both Purification and Pi Processed Cartridge for AP620

Filter life span; 1 year             40,000  gallon

AP3000 Replacement Filter

Replacement filter for AP3000 whole house and restaurant model