$ 360.00
Filter life span 800 gallons or 1 year

AP-250 converts ordinary water to  "Pi Water".
By it's natural power, AP-250 adds extra features to regular water.
Also, it has a very excellent filtering mechanism.
AP-250 removes harmful chlorine and tri-halomethane. It changes tap water into Pi Water, which brings a lot of benefit to the body. It is best used for drinking or cooking water. Many restaurants and food manufactures, who are concerned about the
water quality, use Pi Water. The high demand from professionals can
prove you how effective Pi Water is. Pi water brings you great health in many ways.

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Filter 1, Filter 2, Filter3
Sediment Filter (10u/5u/3u)
It filters harmful substances such as: pollutants, rust and other impurities.

Active Carbon
Removes Chlorine, tri-halomethanes and chloramines. Also deodorizes and improves the taste of water.

Filter 4, Filter 8
Pi Processed Ceramic Magnet
Regulate ions in water and change it into fluid magnetic-water. Then,  water clusters into smaller ones for a better tasting water.

Filter 6
Pi Processed Far-Infrared 3M Mineral Ceramics
Creates from natural stones with rich minerals. Small amounts of minerals and far-infrared rays are released from ceramics. Has a positive effect on the body.

Filter 7
Pi Processed Crystal Ceramics
Changes regular water into BODILY LIQUID (Living body water). Like water, it gives you energy and vitality to the body. It also creates anti-oxidation effect that has a stronger surface tension.

Filter 8
Pi Processed Turmalines
Negative ions (anions) in the stone improves the ability of the body for natural healing and immunity. They also enhance the exchange of substances in the blood and increases the metabolism.