AP-3000 /5000 Restaurants and  Whole House Pi Water Processor
$ 5600.00
The life span is 500,000 gallons or 5 to 7 years

AP-3000 and AP-5000 Pi Water Processors  are made from Pi Processed ceramics, crystal ceramics and specialized media that take out all chlorine, tri-halomethane, heavy metals and odors. Using Pi Process system will make the  water softer and cleaner.

For Home Use:
In the shower and bath, small clustered Pi Water penetrates the skin much faster. This keeps your skin nice and soft and better manage your hair. For cooking, Pi Water brings out the natural taste of food. For laundry, clothes come out whiter and brighter.

For Restaurant Use:
It keeps your food fresh and taste better. Reduce the bad odor in your kitchen. And also cleans out the dish soap better.  Your restaurant will get a good reputation for your great dishes and costumer's health.
Automatic back wash system

Maintenance free water purification system takes out small particles, and reduces heavy metals, odors, and chlorine. Timer operated automatic back wash system keeps the purification system always clean and fresh.
Pi Ceramics changes ordinary tap water to Pi Water. Also, "Carefree" water conditioner and crystals are used to add more effectiveness of Pi Water.


Filtering Media

KDF-80 (oxidation reduction electron exchange special metal) coconut tree activated carbon

Pi Media
Pi crystal ceramic, infrared-ray 3M mineral ceramic,
Pi ceramic, Pi ceramic magnet

Life Span
500,000 gallons (1,900,000 L ) Usually 5 to 7 years

Flow Meter
6 gallons/minute (23 L/min) This is based upon city's water
pressure or 80 P.S.I (6kg/cm^2)

Connection Size
1 inch (2.54cm)